Fintech Based Banking and Financial Application Development

Multi banks connectivity option payment system

AI based fraud detection and prevention system

Support and integration for merchants, businesses & ecommerce platforms


Technologies We Used

3 years


Web & Mobile

The Project

Dale is a banking application designed to make money transfer easy for businesses and their customers. The project is an up-to-the-minute FinTech masterpiece aimed to provide banking solutions for funds to transfer safely and reliably. The project combines all the latest FinTech features so that the users can connect their dale accounts with their bank accounts for an efficient and trusted cash flow.


FinTech is a growing industry as businesses and users are opting smart ways of money transfer. Our challenge was to create software that is both robust and scalable so that we can keep up with the advancing technology. At the same time, the question of security and reliability also had to be answered. The client wanted very agile yet very secure software that can be used without any security hazard.

The team had to create and test ATM API’s, implement credit card API’s and create a web app with an attractive design and carefully constructed user interface. Another important factor was to make the software E-commerce friendly so that the business owners and buyers can have an uninterrupted cash flow. Lastly, compiling and managing data for such a huge project was also an issue of consideration.


#Maker solutions came up with a bifurcated strategy to divide the project’s focus into two different sets of users, the merchants, and the buyers. With this idea in mind, a team of highly skilled developers was assigned the project with careful management of every aspect of the venture.

We took responsibility for frontend and backend development using contemporary technologies and made sure to include our client at every step of decision making. The security and reliability of the software were ensured and to maintain the uninterrupted functioning of this app, #Maker solutions managed to set up a support and maintenance team dedicated to this project.

System Highlights

  • Funds transfer within dale! Accounts.
  • Send charge request to charge someone who has an account in dale!
  • ATM withdrawal.
  • Cash-in from credit cards.
  • Cash-in from PSE.
  • Cash-in from other Aval accounts.
  • Cash-out to Aval banks.
  • Merchant APIs for Businesses.
  • Integration of the software into any E-commerce website.
  • Compensation and conciliations.
  • Accounting and SAP integration.
  • Transaction fee managements.
  • Functionality for a merchant to create agreements and later manage different rates of transactions according to the agreement.
  • Monetary Adjustments and reversal of transactions.


We developed a highly competitive application within a short period that was completely in line with our customer’s demand. The development process was highly integrated and thoroughly maintained by our QA and testing teams. All in all, this project was a complete success both for us and our client.

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